Pupil Voice is an important part of School life at Cumnor. Each week pupils have the opportunity to share their views, ideas and concerns with their School Council representatives in their class. When the School Council meets, they discuss all of the suggestions, views, concerns and they try to work out how they can solve any issues.  Mrs Crichton attends the meetings and has regular meetings with the Head teacher Mr Read to discuss matters that have been raised. School Council hopes that together, we can make our school a happy learning environment where EVERYONE is heard and valued.


Why Have a School Council?

The United Nations convention on the Rights of the child states in article 12- ‘Children have the right to express the views they have and those views should be listened to in anything that affects them’.

  • gets us involved – education should be done with us not at us.
  • gives all pupils the chance to talk about things that they are unhappy about (and happy about!)
  • gets good ideas from the pupils.
  • helps to make us pupils feel we are part of the school team.
  • makes everyone have a common goal – to make our school a great place to learn.


School Council Meetings

  • When? – We have our meetings during school times, usually once every three weeks, fitting around the school timetables of holidays, Christmas concerts etc. Class Council meetings are held on the weeks when there is no School Council meeting.
  • Where? – usually the Science / Art room.
  • How Long? – usually 30 minutes – depending on the number of items on the minutes.
  • Who is there? – All the elected representatives from the classes and Mrs Crichton.


School Council and Class Council

The school council’s job is to represent and involve everyone, not to do everything. It needs to get everyone:

  • finding things they want to change or improve
  • coming up with ways to make them better
  • putting these ideas into action
  • seeing what works (evaluating)

Therefore it is important that SC representatives get to hear what the whole class think. Holding Class Council meetings is a great way to make this happen!

Cumnor School Class Council – meetings are held in class on weeks when there is no School Council meeting.


How does our class council work?

Our whole class has a meeting every three weeks.

The class then vote for two important things to take to the school council to be discussed. The school council members then report back to the class.


School Council Update

The school councillors have advised on the new lunch menus with The School Lunch Company and have been really thinking about promoting eating healthily and encouraging their friends to try the new recipes on the menu.

We are going to fundraise for our school charity The British Heart Foundation.