School meals are cooked on site by The School Lunch Company. The menus are decided upon following meetings each term with staff and the School Council.

School Meals 2023-2024


Cumnor Primary School Sept 23 – Feb 24 Menu




Dinners for Reception and Key Stage 1 children are free. Meals for Key Stage 2 children are £2.55 each.

The School Lunch Company commit to quality, local and nutritious food.  The food is sourced locally wherever possible.
Children have a choice of bringing to school a packed lunch from home or having a hot cooked meal, provided by the school. We work closely with ‘The School Lunch Company’ to provide our children with hot, nutritious and enjoyable meals. Some key features of our meals are:
Meat and poultry comes from local butchers (sausages and burgers have a minimum 85% meat)
All bread is wholemeal and baked on the premises
A proportion of wholemeal flour is used in our pastries and crumbles to increase fibre and help slower release of energy
Oats are added to the crumble topping to help slower release of energy
Fruit is added to our puddings to help with the ’5 a day’ eg. Sultanas or apricots are added to the flapjack, fruit juice served with the cookie, dates in the sticky toffee pudding and fruit slice, fruit served with the jelly
Yogurts are low in fat
Pizza bases are wholemeal
Fish fingers are made with salmon for omega 3 values
Tomato ketchup is limited to 1 tsp per child on fish and burger day
No items are deep fried

Whether having a packed lunch or school meal, the children sit in friendship groups to eat their lunch in the hall and are supervised by at least 3 members of staff.