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Dear parents,


Apologies for writing to you over the weekend, but I am sure some of you may be concerned about the heatwave and red weather warning which has been issued regarding the heat on Monday and Tuesday.


At the moment we are NOT planning on closing school, but will be taking a variety of measures to ensure that the children are safe whilst at school. These include:

  • Children may wear their PE kits to school on Monday and Tuesday if they find these cooler than school uniform.
  • Children will be able to play outside for morning play at 10.20am as this is a cooler time of day and will be just 20 minutes. They will be encouraged to play in the shade and drink plenty of water before, during and after play.
  • Children will eat lunch indoors or in the shade outside, whichever is cooler. Once they have finished their lunch children will play indoors.
  • If your child is particularly vulnerable, they may stay indoors all day. Please let your child’s class teacher know on Monday morning if this is the case.
  • There will be no outdoor PE or sports on Monday or Tuesday.
  • Afternoon activities in particular will be calm in order to minimise movement and additional heat.
  • The classrooms are generally much cooler than outside and have good airflow and additional fans may be provided.
  • Regular breaks will be built into the day where children will be instructed to take on additional  fluid.

Please remember to apply suncream to your child before they come to school and ensure they are also wearing a hat. It may also be worth putting your child’s water bottle in the freezer before they come to school to keep the water deliciously cool.


Thank you for your support,


Ed Read