We are committed to providing as wide a range of after school clubs for your children as possible. We are very grateful to all the staff and friends of school who agree to hold them and hope that the range available will provide something of interest.

After school clubs are run by either members of our staff or outside companies. Those run by outside companies do charge for their services and we pass this directly on to you. Clubs run by staff and friends of the school are currently free, but we ask you treat these clubs very much as you would if you were paying for them; attending every week unless there is a good reason not to, letting the member of staff know if you cannot attend for some reason, collecting your children promptly at the end of the club etc. All clubs, including those run by staff run for the entire term, including the week before and after half term.

if you do know of anyone who would like to run a club in future terms (gymnastics, judo, rugby etc) then please let me know so we can add to the variety of opportunity available to the children.


For a list of this terms clubs please see the link below and contact the office for further information;

Clubs Letter Summer Term 2024