As our children approach the end of their time at Primary School, we want to ensure that they are as ready as possible for a more independent lifestyle as they make their journey through secondary education.

In order to do this we have developed our own ‘Life Skills’ opportunities:

Personal safety:

  •              A three week  First Aid Training course led by a leading Oxfordshire paramedic trainer.
  •              A visit to The John Radcliffe Hospital as part of the IMPs project (Injury Minimisation Programme).
  •              Participation n the Oxfordshire’s Junior Citizen Project learning about safety in a range of situations.
  •              Cycling Proficiency Training.


Money Awareness:

  •               Grow £10 project.
  •               Running stalls at the PTA Christmas and Summer Fetes.


Independence and  Responsibility:

  •                Work with the local secondary school on school readiness and personal organisation.
  •                In school responsibilities
  •                Enhanced E-safety awareness curriculum including use of social media and associated well-being issues.
  •                5 day residential visit.