We are very proud of the charity support and fundraising we do at Cumnor School.

Each year we select a charities which we then support through our fundraising efforts throughout the year. Following consultation with their classes, our school Council nominate a range of charities for the whole school to vote for.

On Election day a polling station is set up in the hall and each child is given a voting card before going to the voting booth to place their X against the charity of their choice and then posting it into the ballot box. (Children who no they are going to be away on the day can have a postal vote.)

Voting for which charity to support


At the end of the day the votes are counted and a winner declared.

Last year Syria Relief was elected as our charity. Over the course of the year we raised just over £1,000 for them.

The charity we have chosen to support this year is The Blue Cross

The Blue Cross: Sick, injured and homeless pets have relied on us since 1897. Abandoned or unwanted, ill or injured, pets turn to us for help every year. Our doors are always open to them, and with your support, they always will be.

Each year, thousands of cats, dogs, small pets and horses turn to our animal hospitals, clinics and rehoming services for treatment and to find them the happy homes they deserve.

Our vision is that every pet will enjoy a healthy life in a happy home and we won’t rest until we achieve it. But we really need your help.

We care for more than 40,000 pets every year but we know it’s not enough – there are many, many more out there who still desperately need us and we must be there for them. By 2020 we want to be helping 70,000 animals a year, and your support will help to make sure this happens.



At our Harvest Service this year we donated food to the Oxford Homeless Shelter. Thank you for your support.

Harvest donations