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cooking with the Roots to Food initiative.

In Design and Technology children are encouraged to develop their abilities through combining their design and construction skills with knowledge and understanding of structures, products, mechanisms and quality.

Design and Technology allows children to develop their skills through practical activities. They are encouraged to use a variety of tools and equipment in a safe and controlled environment.

To achieve this, all children are encouraged to identify, examine and solve practical problems and to make existing structures better. They learn to be inventive by developing, modifying and evaluating their ideas through a series of projects.

Evaluating papier mache balloons in KS1

Using relevant tasks and the freedom of choice to develop and design their own ideas, our curriculum encourages the children to be strong and self-reliant pupils, who are creative and innovative.


YR DT progression map

Y1 DT progression map

Y2 DT progression map

Y3 DT progression map

Y4 DT progression map

Y5 DT progression map

Y6 DT progression map

Anna Crichton, DT Lead