Prayer space activity run by Rev. Jonathan

At Cumnor CE School we believe that Religious Education, together with the strong values and  Christian ethos of our school, should help to prepare the children for later life. We welcome children of many different cultures and faiths. While offering  a broad range of religious studies as befits our place in an increasingly multi-cultural society, we also acknowledge that we live in a predominantly Christian country, and therefore the study of Christianity is covered from Foundation Stage through to Year 6. The children also have the opportunity to study Islam, Judaism and Hinduism through a carefully structured Programme of Study over the two Key Stages. In keeping with our school’s fundamental values, respect, tolerance and understanding of the beliefs of others plays a key role in our religious teaching.
Part of our role as a Church of England school is to foster and encourage a close link with our local church of St. Michael’s. The whole school community, including parents, enjoy attending services for Harvest, Christmas, Easter and the Leavers at the end of the school year.Annual Harvest festival in St Michael's church.

We benefit from regular prayer space events to encourage reflection in our pupils.

We also welcome either the Vicar, or a member of the church community, into school each week to lead our collective worship. We meet together every day for collective worship or a time of quiet reflection during assemblies where the focus is frequently related to the Christian values associated with our school ethos. Children are encouraged to share their thoughts, their questions and their understanding by contributing to our assemblies and our ‘pupil voice’ activities. The teaching of Religious Education is also enhanced by occasional visits to places of worship, such as the local synagogue, and we welcome visitors from all faiths into our school to share their experiences with our children.

Learning in the Mosque.


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Our RE Policy

Religious Education Policy Dec 2020

Anna Crichton  RE coordinator