rotate and flip shapes in a program- cross curricular link with maths.

Our intent is for every child to experience a modern, ambitious and relevant curriculum in an ever changing digital age.  Pupils will be have a passion for increasing their computing skills as they learn how to become active participants in a digital world and to use their computing knowledge to think creatively in a  range of subjects. Pupils will experience computing science lessons discretely to build their knowledge and skills over time and also have the opportunity to apply their digital literacy across the wider curriculum, making full use of the bank of 36 chromebooks, 40 ipads available as well as a range of audiovisual, programming and presentation software and hardware.

Pupils will develop into respectful, responsible computer users,understanding the importance-safety. This is enriched by an annual e-safety day to shine the spotlight to the wider school community on important issues, taught regularly in the curriculum, such as cyberbullying and password privacy.

E-Safety Day presentation.


. For those of you who were unable to make the meeting, please click on the link below to view this presentation:

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