It is important to us that both of our communities – the one within school, of teaching and non-teaching staff, children, parents and governors, and the one outside school, the village and church communities which we are a part of – work closely together to foster good relationships, supporting and assisting each other to benefit our children. We also endeavour not just to help those within our communities but to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

Throughout the year we are involved in a whole variety of initiatives which bring visitors into school, and which take the children out into the village community.

Our parents, some of whom are also governors, are an incredibly valuable resource and many of them choose to come in and volunteer their time or expertise working within classes, supporting individual children, or arranging fund-raising ventures for the school. We have a very active and successful Parent Teacher Association (PTA)  which raises large amounts of money for the school, and we have also received generous donations from the Cumnor Players, all of which we are most grateful for.

We welcome other members of our village community into school to give talks, to take assemblies, to share their knowledge and expertise or to support children with reading (RAC – Reading at Cumnor). Some after school clubs are also run by members of our village community. All regular volunteers must be DBS checked, and visitors that just join us once or twice are always accompanied by a member of staff whilst in school. If you are interested then please give us a call!

Many of our children take an active part in village life out of school, perhaps being part of the very successful Christmas pantomimes presented by the Cumnor Players, perhaps being involved in the multitude of local sports teams, or maybe attending some of the many local clubs and activity groups. Within school we still find opportunities for our children to be out and about; conducting traffic surveys, sending out questionnaires, interviewing shopkeepers, writing articles for the Parish Magazine or singing at the residential homes for our more elderly citizens. They are always very enthusiastic and adept at using their initiative too.